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How to optimize tunnel lighting to improve visual comfort?

1. Proper brightness manage:
The brightness control of tunnel lighting is to provide most advantageous visibility and visible comfort beneath one-of-a-kind light situations. Lighting inside the tunnel have to be able to be flexibly adjusted to outside mild situations. For example, all through the sunny day, the lighting fixtures brightness in the tunnel may be fairly reduced to utilize natural light to lessen power consumption. On the contrary, at night or in low light situations, moderately increasing the lighting brightness can ensure that drivers or pedestrians have enough visibility within the tunnel and improve their sense of protection.
2. Lighting function and format:
The function and format of lighting fixtures without delay have an effect on the uniformity and comfort of tunnel lighting. Tunnel designers want to bear in mind the tunnel geometry, length and any curves or slopes that may be present. Reasonable arrangement of lamps can make certain that the light completely covers the complete tunnel and keep away from choppy light and dark or blind spots of light. The use of frivolously dispensed lighting fixtures layout can enhance the consolation and protection of drivers or pedestrians in tunnels, assisting them to apprehend street situations and site visitors symptoms extra genuinely.
3. Use strength-saving lamps:
Energy-saving lamps, especially LED lamps, have grow to be a perfect choice to improve tunnel lights consequences. LED lamps have the characteristics of long carrier lifestyles, high performance and coffee power intake. Not only do they lessen electricity intake and protection expenses, additionally they offer exquisite, strong and uniform lighting consequences. The light shade and shade temperature of LED may be adjusted to match the consolation of human eyes, reduce glare and flicker, and offer tunnel users with a more snug and more secure lights environment.
4. Regular preservation and cleansing:
Regular renovation and cleansing of tunnel lights system is important to preserving the lights gadget in suitable situation. Dust, dust and dirt can accumulate at the floor of a light fixture or shade, affecting the output and great of light. Regular cleaning and renovation work can make sure that the lighting impact of the lamp is constantly maintained at its first-rate. Through ordinary inspection and cleaning, the service existence of the lamps may be extended and the uniformity and luxury of lighting fixtures inside the tunnel can be ensured.

Tunnel Lighting / S-120
Die-casting aluminium body, super white tempered glass, Chrome plastic reflector.
Optics with PC lens with high visual comfortable and uniform lighting distribution, multiple light distribution options.
High quality LED chips, Driver with 0-10V/DALI/programmed be options, and with surge protection up to 20KV.
Independent maintenance door design, easy installation and maintenance.
The luminaire is fixed by back bracket, and angle can be adjusted.
No photo-biological risk, (no risk linked to infrared, blue light and UV radiation) in accordance with EN 62471:2008.
Street lighting control used with smart control technology. It can be compatible with remote management system.
All external screws are made of 304 stainless steel