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  • With LiFePO4 battery which usually apply for electric bus.
  • Die-casting aluminium body, super white tempered glass, white PC plastic reflector.
  • Optics with PC lens with high visual comfortable and uniform lighting distribution, multiple light distribution options.
  • High quality LED chips, Driver with 0-10V/DALI/programmed be options, and with surge protection up to 20KV.
  • Surface anti-ultravilet pure polyester powder painting, Corrosion resistance can be more than 1000 hours.
  • No photo-biological risk, (no risk linked to infrared, blue light and UV radiation) in accordance with EN 62471:2008.
  • Street lighting control used with smart control technology. It can be compatible with remote management system.
  • All external screws are made of 304 stainless steel.



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